Welcome to Huntingburg

Welcome to the Huntingburg new website, we provide you all information about programs, business, local government and much more. If you think that if you are a “lifelong resident” of this city, only then explore this site, then you are not right because there is a lot to do in Huntingburg for a visitor too. It is a beautiful Southern Indiana community and a small city in Dubois County (Indiana, U.S.).

According to the census report (10 September 2014), the population of this city is nearly around 6,050 with a population density of about 462 per square kilometer (nearly 1,197 per sq mile). Huntingburg covers an area of about 13.65 square kilometers (nearly 5.27 sq miles), out of which 13.11 square kilometers (nearly 5.06 sq miles) is land and 0.54 square kilometers (nearly 0.21 sq miles) is water, that’s why it is considered as the smallest city in Indiana State. Now the question arises in mind is that “Why visit Huntingburg” or “What’s so special in Huntingburg” and the answer is numerous antique shops and for its downtown. Huntingburg is also known as the Hollywood of the Midwest. The HBO film “Soul of the Game” in 1996, Hard Rain (1998) and the League of their own (1992) were filmed in this beautiful city.


Huntingburg city was planned in 1837 by “Colonel Jacob Geiger” as he was the first permanent settler of this city by purchasing 7.8 square kilometers (nearly 1,920 acres) of land. The median age in the city is nearly around 35 years while about 27.9% of the population are under the age of 18.The city was named as Huntingburg because the site had been a very popular or I can say a famous hunting ground. It was integrated (or incorporated) as a town in 1866. Huntingburg was also considered as the smallest city which hosts a “professional baseball team”. League stadium in Huntingburg was likely to be a home for the “Dubois County Dragons” who was played in the Frontier League (1999-2002) and the Heartland League (1996-1998). You can easily travel to this beautiful city as Huntingburg city includes “Huntingburg Airport” which is located about 3 nautical miles (nearly 6 km) from the south of the “Central Business District “of Huntingburg, it is a public use airport and owned by Dubois county Airport Authority.

There is a commerce chamber in Huntingburg which is known as the “Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce” which provides a progressive environment for promoting projects, plans and idea in order to make and sustain a progressive and positive environment. The Huntingburg chamber of commerce is also helpful for promoting “business opportunities” and also improving the “Quality of life”.